Ultimate Post Workout Meal

After my weekly yoga class I was feeling especially hungry and started thinking about what makes a great post workout meal. The primary element that comes to mind – protein.

Exercise burns energy from stored carbs, fat and protein. But, protein is especially key because it makes up the very muscles that are doing most of the work. Eating a good source of protein after an activity helps to rebuild and replenish muscle fibers. For me the best solution today was an egg substitute sandwich. Which, is actually a great meal any time of day. It is quick, nutritionally complete (a balance of protein, carbs and fat) and delicious.

Here is my formula:
-1/2 cup egg subsitute (1 omega-3 enriched egg works well too)
-1/4 cup light shredded cheese
-1 potato roll

Simply microwave the egg sub in a glass dish. Or, fry in a nonstick pan. Then place on top of the roll, sprinkle with the cheese and pop in the toaster oven for a quick broil to get the cheese all melty.

To round out the meal today I also had a container of light yogurt which offers the added benefit of calcium and vitamin D.

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