Health Newsletter Sample


Health Newsletter Samples

I am able to complete all aspects of an online health newsletter from story ideas, article creation, design, layout and subscriber management. I have complete well over a hundred health e-mail newsletters. Following are examples from two employment role that I held for over 3 years each.

UConn Health –


Shortly after joining UConn Health’s Center for Population Health, I initiated a free online cookbook program to increase subscribers. It was extremely successful in increasing email subscribers on a daily basis. Please find links to the online versions of the 32 eNewsletters I wrote and designed from 4/18-5/20.

Women’s Circle of Health – Adora Calcium

Women's Circle of Health

As the editor of the Women’s Circle of Health e-newsletter from 2007 through 2010, I independently produced a monthly online newsletter focused on women’s health topics including osteoporosis, heart health, weight loss, and stress relief. The newsletter was so well received that open rates averaged over 50%. Consumers loved receiving the monthly e-mail and contest. In addition, the newsletter insured my client monthly traffic and sales that far exceeded the cost of production.

View sample newsletter files for the 2009 Newsletter and 2010 Newsletter [PDFs]

I welcome requests for health newsletter projects. I can handle all facets of newsletter management including:

  • Developing story, promotion, and contest ideas,
  • Researching the latest health studies,
  • Writing health articles,
  • Sourcing imagery,
  • Laying out content in HTML,
  • Managing a subscriber database,
  • Proofreading and testing final content,
  • Creating a catchy e-mail subject,
  • Sending the e-mail to the subscriber list, and
  • Providing web traffic analysis and project statistics to help fine-tune future newsletters.

Connect with your consumers through your own branded health e-newsletter, Contact Me to get started.