Medical Writing

Medical Writing

Medical writing is a broad field. As a Dietitian Writer with a master’s degree in Integrative Health, my medical writing tends to focus on nutrition and natural health. However, I am able to write and edit a variety of medical education and health marketing materials on general health care topics as well. I have researched and written on:

  • Heart health and cholesterol management
  • Bone health and osteoporosis
  • Cancer prevention
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Health Insurance
  • Integrative health, nutrition supplementation, herbal medicine, and more.

Patient Communications

Medicine is a complicated arena. Unfortunately, doctors and researchers have a tendency to use highly technical language or “science speak” that patients just don’t understand. I can extract the real meaning from complex medical information to compose clear, concise patient communications such as:

  • Patient education materials (brochures, hand-outs, pamphlets)
  • Health newsletters (online or in print)
  • Healthcare web content (hospital websites, blogs, email newsletters)

I can even offer full design and layout services for these materials including the production of web pages, e-mail files and PDFs.

What good is medical information if no one understands it? I aim to make my medical writing as simple and memorable as possible. Contact Me to discuss your medical writing needs.