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I am able to manage all aspects of a health website or blog including design, domain management, SEO, Google Analytics, and of course, the health writing. I have worked as a web manager since 2006. I am open to both employment or contracting roles managing your website or blog. – UConn Health

Uconn Health I served as the Website/Digital Communications Manager for UConn Health’s SNAP Education grant from (4/2017-6/2020), writing and designing all health blogs and eNewsletters from 4/2018 to 6/2020 for

Adora ChocolateI served as the Web Communications Manager for Adora Calcium from 12/2006-4/2010 writing a monthly newsletter with multiple research-based health articles/ blog entries per month. [The site is no longer functional, but article topics can be found here.]

HappyHealthyHer_TaglineFinalIn 2012 I launched the natural health website, It is a simple site which uses WordPress as a content management system (CMS). The site covers the following topics:

If you would like a health website created for you or your brand, please Contact Me today.