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Osteoporosis Articles / Calcium Benefits

Sodium’s Secret Dangers: Health concerns of a high sodium diet

Calcium Can Do That?: Weight loss, cancer prevention and more…

Healthy Bones Are a Balancing Act: How to stay strong

Strong Support for Vegetarian Diet: How fruits and vegetables strengthen bones

Are Your Bones Safe? Help for preventing breaks

Calcium’s Many Misconceptions

I Have Osteoporosis: Now What? Exploring osteoporosis treatment

Are You Losing It? Assessing bone loss risks

Kids Need Calcium: How to meet a child’s calcium requirements

Calcium Challenges: Factors that fight calcium absorption

Get More from Your Calcium Supplement: Maximize Absorption

Surprising Bone Builders

The Missing Mineral: Are we overlooking magnesium?

Bone up on Fat (Omega 3 fatty acids & bone health)

When Bones Hurt: Dealing with osteoarthritis

The Breast Cancer / Bone Health Connection

Drink to Your Health: Drinks for bone health

Focusing on the Male Frame: Men get osteoporosis too

How are Your Bones Today? This test will let you know

Piling on the Pills: How medications impact bone health

It CAN happen to you: The truth about osteoporosis risk

Navigating the net: Osteoporosis Resources

More Than Just Eye Color…Genes influence your health risks

Vitamin D Articles

The Great D Debate: Vitamin D requirements and sources

Vitamin D Does it All: The many benefits of vitamin D

Vitamin D: The Shining Flu-fighter

Menopause Articles

Menopause Relief: A common sense approach

The Maddening State of Menopause: Hormone replacement therapy

No More Menopause Madness: Natural treatment options for menopause relief

Recipes & Health Tips

Low Sodium Snacks: Simple snacks that taste great

Healthy Recipe Substitutions: Swaps that save calories

High Protein Snacks

Less Stressful Holidays: Relaxation tips that really work

Inexpensive Gift Ideas

Healthy Treats that Keep You Cool: Smoothie recipes

Make Your Own Cocoa Recipe

Super Easy Apple Crisp Recipe

Heart Health Articles

Have A Happy Heart: How to boost your spirits and your health

Listen to Your Heart: Heart disease in women

The Pressure is Off: Lowering blood pressure with chocolate

Healthy Heart Resources

ORAC Tells Us What is Heart Smart

General Health & Nutrition Articles

Better Digestion: Easy ways to beat the bloat

Start a Healthy Habit: Simple tips for a healthier new year

Chocolate’s Health Benefits: How to enjoy chocolate without guilt

Come on Get Happy: Making the best of tough times

Period Problems: Natural relief for menstrual pain

Lactose Intolerance: Living with a common digestive problem

Lactose-Free Diet

The Power of Protein: Why we need protein and how to get enough

Protein Needs Chart

Muscle Matters: The importance of staying strong

Protecting Pets: Foods to avoid giving your pet

Money Saving Health Tips

What You Must Know About Diabetes Now

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Chocolate.

What’s So Great About Gluten-Free?

Take Charge of Your Health: 3 tips for better care

The Great Water Debate: How much do you really need?

The Secrets of Health and Happiness

Be Supplement Savvy

8 Tips for a Great New Year

Spice Things Up: Easy diet additions with a big impact

Ways to Be Smoke-Free: How a healthy diet can help

The Benefits of an Apple a Day

What Should You Eat?

Exercise / Weight Loss Articles

5 Easy Exercises: Build muscle and strengthen bones

A Positive Diet: Focusing on what you can eat

Exercise Can Be a Ball: Rev up weight loss

Burn Baby Burn: How your favorite tunes can get you fit

Calcium Supplements Strengthen Weight Management

Beauty Articles

Natural Beauty: Inexpensive products straight from nature

There is Beauty in Strength (The surprising impact of calcium)

Healthy Skin is So Sweet