Communication MUST include 2 elements

I went to a lecture on animal communication – don’t roll your eyes at me – it was really very interesting. I know communicating with pets may sound silly, but if you have pets I hope you can admit that your furry little love has its own personality and ways of expressing itself. Chances are your pets are trying to tell you things, but you are just not totally tuned in because it seems so strange.

During the lecture we discussed the essential elements of communication:

  1. speaking/sending signals AND,(pay attention this one is very important)
  2. listening/receiving signals

Clearly, when it comes to communicating with animals, most humans are not participating in the listening/receiving signals part. But, sadly, it got me to thinking that many humans are not participating in the essential 2nd part of communication with other humans! How could our furry friends even have a chance?

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