Touting Trader Joes

I was reading my latest health and wellness industry updates when I stumbled across an article praising one of my favorite health resources – Trader Joes. If you have never had the good fortunate to shop at a TJ’s, the experience is great for two main reasons: 1. the food selections are amazing – there are just so many healthy convenience foods, and 2. the staff is super friendly and very customer service oriented.

To expand on the food selection, here are just a few of my Trader Joe’s favs:
Oat Bran (they sell it in a large bag for a very low price)
Whole Wheat pasta
Guacamole (they have 2 options, GuacaSalsa and Plain, both are excellente!)
Low Carb Tortillas (they are small and perfect for making mini quesadillas)
Frozen Mango Chunks (for my much-loved Homemade Orange Mango Sorbet)
Dried fruit (they carry the widest assorment and I have ever seen at the best possible prices)
Raw Almonds
Almond Breeze (unsweetened, vanilla almond milk – delicious in coffee and cereal)
Cereal – I love 75% of their cereal options, Organic Morning Lite is delicious (tastes a little like Sugar smacks, but is very high fiber)

As for the customer service experience, I can’t say I am much for super helpful sales people. I generally like to just go about my business and if I can’t find what I am looking for then so be it. But, TJ’s staff is so willing to please that it really pays to ask for what you want. On my birthday one year, I treated myself with a shopping excursion that included a stop at Trader Joes. I had picked out a pretty red bouquet of gladiolas. They were my Grandma’s favorite flower, she and I shared the same birthday. Although she passed away 16 years ago, the flower still gives me warm memories of her. Anyway, when I was checking out, the store manager asked if I found everything O.K. I actually hadn’t been able to find my beloved frozen mango chunks. He explained that the shipment had been delayed due to production issues – probably more information than I needed, but helpful none the less. Then, the manager looked at the flowers in my cart and said, those look a little wilted, let me get you another bunch. He ran over and grabbed a white bouquet and gave them to me – “on the house”. I was so amazed. It really brightened my day.

So we should probably all take a lesson from their employees – going the extra mile really does make an impression! Lucky for Trader Joes their sales success is monetary proof.

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