I Love Prunes

There I said it! For some reason anytime I tell people how much I love prunes they give me a look that screams, “EEWW!” The poor prune just seems to have a bad rap of being an “old person’s” fruit.

Luckily Sunsweet has done wonders to modernize the prune by adding a line of flavored and even chocolate-covered prunes. My favorites are the Cherry Essence prunes. They are soft, sweet and loaded with nutrition including antioxidants and fiber.

2 thoughts on “I Love Prunes”

  1. I LOVE prunes, too. To me, they’re guilt-free comfort food, because of rush of warmth and energy, and the feeling of well being I get just after eating them. Plus they taste so good and it feels good to know that I’m eating something that is so healthy for you. As yet, I still eat them somewhat secretively, but I am glad to say that prunes are one of my favorite foods.

  2. I love prunes too!! They are so delicious and good for you! Hard to believe you can have both! I snack on them every day at work, it’s so hard to only eat the serving size. sigh…

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