Help for my crazy hair

I have what I call “problem hair”. It has a mind of its own and may actually be suffering from multiple personality disorder. Although I have come to terms with my natural curls, I get pretty discouraged when inspite of my best efforts I end up with a brillo pad on my head – especially when this happens as soon as I leave the house when just moments before it looked great.

I feel like I have tried everything to make my hair shinier, healthier, straighter, smoother, and a whole lot more controlled. It is very rare that I find success. So, I just have to sing the praises of my new hairdryer – the Conair Ion Shine (1875).

I think my selection was an act of fate, because after scouring and for the dryers with the best reviews, I found myself confused and overwhelmed. There are an insane number of options! I was getting pretty desperate since my old Remington dryer – which I never really liked because it was loud and heavy – was starting to make this awful noise that made it clear it was dying a slow death. So I headed out to my favorite store – Target. I must have spent 15 minutes walking up and down the hair dryer aisle carefully reading the details on each box. It was an extremely difficult decision, which came down to 2 Conair models. I was torn, but ultimately was sold by the straightening attachment which came with the silver model – eventhough I know I will never have the patience to actually straighten my hair with the funky tool.

My hair looked better after the very first time I used my new dryer. It really makes my hair shiny and I am happy with how fast it works. I have never been one to take much time on my hair, 5-10 minutes tops, and this baby gets the job done in around 2 minutes. I love that I can use the cool setting at high speed. My last dryer only allowed cool to be used at a low to medium setting, but I am convinced the high speed cool air helps to keep my hair from frizzing. I’m not saying my hair is totally cured of the crazies, but Conair is offering a great therapy tool!

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