An Exploration Into Natural Beauty

For as long as I can remember, I always hated my naturally curly hair. As a kid it just never did what I wanted – it wasn’t long enough, shiny enough, blonde enough (my hair is naturally blackish brown – so you probably can see the problem there). In order to attain long healthy locks (think Christy Brinkley), I tried whatever I could get my hands on. After reading my Mom’s beauty magazines, I would lock myself in the bathroom preparing for the latest healthy hair recipe. The exhausting (and disgusting) list includes:

  • Molasses (super sticky, but does add shine),
  • Mayonnaise (REALLY gross and impossible to get out),
  • Honey (so sticky that it made rinsing difficult),
  • Beer (smelly, but did provide body),
  • Olive oil (very greasy – I looked like Squiggy from Happy Days),
  • Avocado and banana (not at the same time, but both had the same results – too lumpy and gooey to really penetrate the hair VERY difficult to get out. I had banana seeds falling out of my hair once it dried).
  • Egg yolks (just gross all around – the smell lingered for days)
  • Once I even crushed up a Flintstones vitamin, mixed it with water and rubbed it into my scalp – Why? Well, in my defense I was probably only 10 and it seemed like a good way to make my hair grow. But, if you have ever smelled a vitamin, you know that it essentially smells like pee – not my proudest moment.

The ultimate irony of all this. As a kid I really didn’t eat very well. I was always pretty skinny and didn’t want anything to do with healthy foods. Flash forward to me now – I eat very well – get plenty of the vitamins, minerals, protein and fats that make for a healthy head of hair. AND, wouldn’t you know it, my hair grows so fast I can barely keep up with hair cuts! Turned out I should have been eating my food instead of putting it in my hair.

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