Success is not measured by money

I met a business person recently who was all about money. My sales are xx and I built this company from nothing. I would have been impressed if I wasn’t so utterly disgusted. The person was rude, arrogant, demeaning. He swore freely and his staff seemed terrified by his mere presence. To make matters worse, he made me feel like my skill set was not valuable because I didn’t boast six figure sales or any other numeric stat that would prove my worth. Truth is I didn’t boast it, but if I really traced back all of the work I have done for the companies and colleagues that I have worked with, I am certain it would be beyond six figures. Besides, goodwill is immeasurable.

I was really quite upset about the whole interaction until I returned home to find my husband standing in the driveway with a big smile on his face. Minutes later we got a surprise visit from my adoring neice and nephew. It was a total reality check that the joy and value I bring to the world has nothing to do with money, and it never really will. Even if I were to win the lottery tomorrow and donate the whole sum to a charity, the benefit of that would be short lived at best. The true value we all give to society is the knowledge we share, the joy we spread, and the love we offer.

And, the bottom line is best summed up my yoga teacher – kharma does come back to you in the end. I know a good many wealthy “successful” people who are plagued by lawsuits, divorce, loneliness. If that is success then I pass thank you.

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