Welcome to my World

I tried this blogging thing a few years ago, and it never really clicked for me. I was a bit nervous about exposing myself to the world – not really sure why, since I have been contributing to Web site content for over seven years as a behind the scenes writer. I guess that’s just it, being behind the scenes is far less scary than being front and center.

But, after reading other blogs and realizing how helpful they are in providing advice, tips and just sharing information in general, I want in. I spend a LOT of time reading and researching on health and wellness, and there is just so much information swimming around in my brain looking for an outlet. I am able to find some release in the newsletter I write for Adora Calcium supplements, http://www.womenscircleofhealth.com/, but I want more. More space to talk about health issues, nutrition, my love of bargain shopping, and the many consumer products that really help make my life easier.

I realize that I may be the only one ever to read my rantings, but if you have the time and interest, I hope you will enjoy visiting my world. THANKS FOR READING!

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