The First Step…

I awoke today with an entirely new outlook on things. I mentioned in my last post that I have sent myself into a complete tizzy over the potential toxic conditions invading our environment.

But, what I had forgotten is the powerful mind/body connection. Why are some people better able to fight their negative environments? Because, they keep a positive mind.

The first step to being healthy is having an open mind! It is so simple, and it applies to virtually every situation from chronic illness to weight loss. By simply being open to suggestion and looking at what you can do to change your situation, you are better able to face the challenge.

Lately, this feels particularly pertinent with regards to weight loss. I have encountered several friends and family members who are currently in dire need of losing weight – the dreaded bathing suit season upon us. And, I feel somewhat powerless in helping them because my suggestions are met with a series of “buts”. But, I don’t have time. But, my family likes to eat out. But, nutritional supplements are expensive. It feels like just a simple shift in thinking would make all the difference. Embracing the healthy foods and activities that they enjoy vs. mourning the foods and activities that they really should avoid, would put a much more positive spin on the situation. No one likes to be told what to do, which is why I think the “but” syndrome is so common when it comes to receiving nutrition advice. So, I think the best solution is to put the power of positivity to work. The next time someone tells me they want to lose weight my first question will be, “How open is your mind?”

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