Sometimes the Customer is Just Wrong

If you have ever worked in any type of retail then you have certainly heard the phrase, “the customer is always right.” But, I have to say there are some customers that are just wrong, wrong, wrong! I use that line with particular emphasis because I actually had a customer email me recently to tell me that the company I worked for was wrong, wrong, wrong!!! Yes, she used multiple exclamation points and insulted not only myself, but virtually everyone I work with. Her complaint was that we use a vegetarian vitamin blend and she felt that an animal based form had greater effectiveness. She clearly is not vegetarian, and naturally doesn’t care about the many other consumers who are. Selfish? Just a bit. Unfortunately she is not alone.

I am absolutely shocked by how self-centered people truly are. I love free products as much as the next person, but I would never call a company demanding free product. Believe it or not, I get those types of requests all of the time. I would say 75% of the requests are fairly cordial – they like the product and would like to give out samples. However, the other 25% are obnoxious and rude. “I tell everyone I know about your product, so you should give me a free case.” Or, “I won’t support your company if you don’t send me a coupon”. Or even better, “I love your product and I am running out. I need more this week, but I will simply not pay shipping. Send it to me for free.” These people truly believe that they are more important than every other customer. They are more deserving for whatever reason, so there is really no need for them to actually pay for the product.

I think this is particularly upsetting to me, because as a dietitian I am always sharing product recommendations. I have given patients and friends products that I truly believe in. I never once contacted a company asking them to pay me for my promotional efforts, or send me free stuff. Whatever happened to just sharing for the sake of sharing?

So, the next time you get really riled up at a company, think about what you are arguing for. If it is that you really want the product, but you don’t want to pay for it – keep in mind that if you don’t pay for it the product will probably not be around for much longer. Love it or hate it, no company can survive without money! Free is good, but supporting a company you like is right, right, right.

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