No Wants = No Worries

I have found an incredible peace come over me lately. The reason – I don’t want or need anything.

That may seem like an odd thing to report. It may even come as a shock if you knew me just a few years ago. Back then, nearly every night after work I’d run to the store for this or that. It seemed like no matter what I did I always needed more. I don’t even mean expensive or fancy items – that’s not my style. I’m talking about little things like a new light switch cover, a pair of silver shoes, or even something as essential as more toilet paper. Even if I did in fact NEED it, the constant list of “things” always weighed on me.

Not anymore! Chalk it up to this lingering poor economy which has made me more thrifty than ever, or the fact that I now work from home so heading out to the store is less convenient. Whatever the reason, I no longer want what I don’t have, and I LIKE IT! I hope others can attain that same feeling of peace.

Here are some tips I’ve found helpful for taking the worry and the want out of life:

  • Determine your regular monthly needs – everything from paper towels to your family’s favorite foods. Then stock up. Buy in bulk if you can afford it, because being well-stocked means less trips to the store and less time thinking about a shopping list.
  • Invest time in simple pleasures. Watching TV, reading a good book, following a yoga routine – these are all activities that are definitely not needs, but they are easily obtained wants. No matter what happens with the economy, no one can ever take away your ability to read or exercise and that is very empowering.
  • Practice yoga, meditation, or deep breathing on a daily basis.  They are powerful tools for freeing your  mind of unnecessary wants, while  helping to quiet a worried mind. Yoga teaches us to feel so good about ourselves that nothing else really matters.
  • Cozy up with a pet. When I am worried or stressed or thinking that I want more out of life, all I need is one of my cats to snap me out of it. Animals are so simple. They don’t need much more than dry food, water and attention. That’s it! I have bought my cats tons of toys and treats, but they always show me that what they want most is to be pet or brushed.

In this troubled, stressful time when everyone is worrying about living the American dream, and continuing to have everything they ever wanted – I challenge you to let go of all that pressure. Give yourself a break and just enjoy the simple things that you already have.

2 thoughts on “No Wants = No Worries”

  1. This sounds fine so long as Visa takes the same approach. Aw, kidding. I have yet to achieve economic Nirvana, even though we own basically nothing….I mean, have a simple life. My American Dream is to get from day to day alive and maybe have a few laughs.

    1. I hear ya! I’m not saying it’s easy to be care-free in this awful economy. I just have finally come to terms with the fact that worrying about it definitely doesn’t help. I guess my post is just a revision of the more money = more problems concept. Sometimes having less can actually be a good thing.

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