My Yogurt Dreams Were Answered

I had a bit of a yogurt obsession earlier this year. At that time I was just loving all things yogurt – frozen yogurt, yogurt plus extra probiotics, yogurt with fiber. It was all good, with the exception of a few annoying ingredients namely loads of sugar and high fructose corn syrup.

But, alas my yogurt dreams have been answered in a Greek yogurt called Chobani. The pros of this new option include:

  • all-natural ingredients (milk, fruit or natural flavors, sugar and probiotics)
  • very little added sugar
  • tons of protein (14-16 grams per serving)
  • 5 kinds of probiotics!

Those are the nutritional pluses, but the taste is really good too. Not too tart like the other types of Greek yogurt I have tried. In addition, the texture is really rich and creamy. But, what truly excites me the most is the inclusion of 5 different probiotics! And, there are some very well researched variations in that bunch – meaning these are the types that have been shown to boost immunity and improve digestive health.

I fear that as was the case earlier this year I will get into yogurt overload, but for the time being I am enjoying a daily dose, along with an Adora Calcium to make up my remaining calcium requirements.

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