Multi Grain Crisps Worth the Trip

Grocery shopping is a painful experience for me. Last night I took a trip to the nearest Super Walmart. Say what you will about the economic implications of Walmart, but I am always impressed by the variety of products they carry. Such a large variety that it took me 2 hours to finish my shopping trip!! No ones fault but my own – I simply had to go up and down every aisle, carefully reading labels before I made my purchases. It is honestly a lot of work, but in the end it pays off because I always find great new healthy options.

Last night I was drawn to a bag of Cheddar Multi Grain Crips( although mildly annoyed that there was no pricing information anywhere to be found, I was pretty sure they wouldn’t break the bank. So I tossed them into the cart – turned out they were $2.50, not bad at all.

What I ultimately liked about the product was that it had a decent amount of fiber (2g), very little saturated fat (.5g) and maintained a low calorie count (120) all for a fairly sizable portion (18 crisps). In addition, it was cheddar flavored – and as I have professed before – I love all things cheese, cheddar being my favorite. The crisps really didn’t let me down. They have a very rich, cheesy, buttery flavor. The only downside was keeping myself to 1 serving. Admittedly I snacked on what was more like 1.5 servings, but even that is not a sin at around 180 calories.

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