A Bit of An Obsession for Yogurt

I really hope this is the last one for a while because I am starting to scare myself – but, I do have more praise for yogurt. I know I have a total of 3 posts in 3 weeks on this dairy delight, and I swear I am not getting paid by any dairy farmers to say this, but I have found yet another product that is really worth mentioning:

Fiber One Nonfat Yogurt from Yoplait. I bought a 6 pack (3 vanilla and 3 key lime pie). Both flavors are very good – light and not too sweet. The key lime pie is really excellent.

I do have one complaint though- high fructose corn syrup! I REALLY wish yogurt companies would back off on the added sugars and HFCS, it really reduces the overall health profile of a product which would otherwise be perfect – high in fiber, low in calories, a source of probiotics, calcium, and vitamin D.

As for my yogurt obsession – I think it might just come from my aversion to osteoporosis. I have been the Nutritionist for http://www.adoracalcium.com/, a chocolate calcium supplement, for over a year. This has forced me to become extremely knowledgable about the reality of bone loss. Of course I take an Adora Calcium (500 mg) every day, but I also try to meet my remaining calcium and vitamin D requirements from foods, and dairy is a great choice. Calcium is not really that easy to get, so if you don’t love yogurt like I do, consider trying a calcium supplement.

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